Georg Weißbach: "When nothing goes right, go left"


The Leipzig painter Georg Weißbach (*1987) inspires trash and pop culture. For his large series of works "The Joy Of Overpainting" he has acquired numerous works (from a certified Bob Ross painter) and painted them over. For our exclusive edition, he has also pasted over his favorite calendar saying with some special stickers.

Edition of 100

590 Euro

Fine Art Print, Hahnemühle PhotoRag, 308 gsm, 100% cotton, museum quality for highest age resistance + long resistance stickers

70 x 50 cm

Halbe Rahmen, Object Frame, Wood, Maple white, Glas

Individually stickered, numbered, signed and dated by the artist

Release date
March 27th, 2023

1987 born in Leipzig
2008 Studies of Art History at the University of Leipzig  
2008 - 2015 Studies of Fine Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig with Prof. Astrid Klein and Prof. Oliver Kossack
2012 Erasmus studies in Newport, Wales (UK)
2013 foundation of the artist duo ART N MORE with Paul Bowler
2015 diploma with distinction
2015-17 master student with Prof. Astrid Klein
2017 master studies degree with Prof. Astrid  Klein
lives and works in Leipzig