Rimma Arslanov: "Curtains and Wounds #3", 2023


Born in Tajikistan Rimma Arslanov has been growing up absorbing a unique combination of oriental, Muslim, and Soviet culture influences. Acting from an autobiographic perspective, she refers to her works as a mean to examine relations between her past in the former USSR and her current day-to-day experience. Her practice, which is deeply affected by architectural language, revolves around a continual exploration of friction points between common perceptions of ‘old’ and ‘new’. She often uses craft-made techniques integrated into contemporary modes of production and she crosses between exacting ornamentation and abstract imagery.


Edition of 50
490 Euro

Fine Art Print, Hahnemühle William Turner, 310 gsm100% cotton, ISO 9706 conform, museum quality for highest age resistance

82 x 121,5 cm

Individually numbered, signed and dated by the artist

Release date
February 27, 2023